Music School – Architecture degree project

Music School – Architecture degree project| Tutor: Arch. Miguel Acosta | Score: 20/20 pts. Recognitions: Honor Mention & Participation in AXIS excellence in design awards| Universidad Central de Venezuela, Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo. FAU UCV. | 2006

Here I present you my final architecture degree project. Back in 2006 CAD was more than a common tool. Nevertheless I decided to integrate my hand drawing abilities with computational tool but to render a completely hand drawn project. Every part of the design, textures, shades, proportions were conceived from the back and forth between hand design and cad. I have to say,  besides having obtained an honor mention and maximum score on my project, It was probably the last hand drawn project in my Faculty…at least until now.

The project is a Music School by a mountain cliff next to the sea, immersed in a tropical forest where a traditional and iconic town has settled for more than 400 years and has one of the most antique percussion traditions in the Caribbean coast.

tomas mena tesis laminas1

tomas mena tesis laminas2

tomas mena tesis laminas3


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