Loft San Marino

Experimental housing| Loft San Marino | Estudio G3 Arquitectura, Lab Pro Fab | Chief architect: Alejandro Haiek Caracas, Assistant Architect: Tomas Mena| Venezuela | 2005

The project consisted in the design and development of experimental housing unit Loft San Marino.  The construction system uses convertible components that provide the ability to expand or contract the program connecting the interior with the exterior of the building to make the building perfectly permeable to light and air. Resulting forms were obtained in the process of editing polygons on a modular grid by different operations such as twisting, stratifying, and deforming. Modeling techniques and digital dissection were used to make a taxonomic analysis of the building. Structural calculation software was used to recognize the location and minimum amount of struts needed according to the slab deformation obtained when stress applied. This approach resulted in minimizing joints, visible structure and creating a free perimeter while reducing the number of the foundations and optimizing the structure.


TM-loft lamina1

TM-loft lamina 2

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