Form finding & digital fabrication

Computational design at MIAD | winter term 2016- 2017 | Form finding project for digital fabrication | Design & concept: Tomas Mena. Rendering: Azita Mazaheri. Tutor: Hans Sachs

Project Explanation | N_A_G_A is an interactive sculpture that aims to interconnect tree of the main elements of nature Earth, Wind, And Fire. This connection is made not only by the physical aspect of the sculpture but also by the symbolic and metaphorical concept embedded in the shape and its function.

Physical Description | Different sizes of openings go through the curved shape. This openings are meant to interact with the wind. Thanks to the different angles of the form the wind will produce different sounds when collides with the claddings. When it burnt, the sinuous shape will draw a line of fire on the landscape. This interaction will serve to connect the piece to its final element, the fire.

Interactivity and Mission | This piece will provide a unique connection with the natural elements of the site. Using only the natural forces, the piece will bring to live symbolic meaning that are settled deem in our common conscience. It also will function as an interface for the translation of natural forces that are usually imperceptible to our senses.

Tomas Mena pavilion MIAD11


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