Computational and Parametric Design & Digital fabrication

 COMMON HUT |Computational design at MIAD | winter term 2016- 2017 | Computational Design & Digital Fabrication project | Design & concept: Tomas Mena

The Common hut is a cultural flexible structure that connects with a refugee shelter developed in an inverse design process, from the joint to the hut. Using computational tools such as Rhino and Grasshopper, the project was design fully parametric and intended to be fabricated digitally by a three-axis CNC milling machine. Its aim is providing the space for intercultural exchange to happen.


The Cross Keys Joint_ modifies a previous joint system setting restrictions in the rules in order to find new ways of assembly. The restrictions consisted in stopping all pieces coming from the top. This will allow to have a vertical element that can take one or several joints coming from the sides at different heights. All three pieces are different which allows to identify easily each one of its functions. To structure the horizontal piece a beam is inserted into the vertical element, this gives the system its total strength and rigidity.

tomas mena common hut 1tomas mena common hut 2


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