Digital Joint Workshop

Workshop at MIAD | P5 computational design. | winter term 2016- 2017 |Design & concept: Tomas Mena

O k T A_S T R A P is an exercise that explored how an two-dimensional object becomes a volume by following the engraved directions and stringing the tabs. Driven by the digital concept, the aim of the design was to provide instructions to a material by designing patterns that, once punched and engraved in the straps, would contain the information for the next part of the system soi it can grow as a self correcting shape. The Joint is produced combining two parts of the system. Each part contains information for its own assembly and also for the connection and assembly of the next part. The challenge is to rethink how a design could change the properties of a two dimensional object turning it into a tridimensional system.

Tomas Mena OkTA_STRAP1


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